ShowHeroes Group Launches Native CTV, its New Premium Video Content Solution for Connected TV

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ShowHeroes Group, a leading global, independent provider of digital video solutions for advertisers, and publishers, continues its development in the connected TV environment.

Following the launch of SemanticHero for CTV, the innovative semantic targeting solution for video advertising on connected TV, ShowHeroes now goes one step further with its new, complementary solution “Native CTV”, which generates brand-safe, unique, advertising environments for clients through custom-created video content.

For the Native CTV product, ShowHeroes Studios, the content production arm of ShowHeroes Group, creates the perfect prelude to the advertisement with a bespoke, professionally produced, 15-second content piece. This video takes into account the subject of the campaign and the brand message.

Sarah Lewis, global director of CTV says: "A relevant content environment means users are more likely to watch the ad in full. Native CTV offers a unique product in the connected TV market. With SemanticHero we can find content that is advertiser-friendly, but with Native CTV we create on-demand content that is incorporated seamlessly for a perfect match with the advertising message."

Hanne Lundmark, global editorial director at ShowHeroes Studios, adds: “By providing a short piece of high-quality content, we generate an atmosphere of awareness and create greater engagement and brand recall. ShowHeroes Studios specialises in video content production and media solutions. The Native CTV premium video content is developed in-house to bring all our expertise to the TV landscape.”

Connected TV is emerging as a key driver for the future of video advertising. According to The IAB Europe's latest Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising survey, more than 50% of advertisers and nearly 100% of agencies, cite addressable or connected TV as important growth areas for digital video over the next 12 months. Taking this into account, ShowHeroes Group has been proactive in creating and adapting its cookieless solutions for connected TV with both SemanticHero for CTV and now Native CTV.

According to the latest research by Integral Ad Science, 93% of users had watched streaming content via connected TV in 2021. “This is just the beginning of the long road ahead for the overall growth of CTV," Sarah Lewis, global director for CTV comments.

“In 2022, we expect that CTV penetration in Europe will reach 65% across the Big5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.”- Vdx.tv

In the last few months, ShowHeroes’ global CTV team has continued to grow with the latest additions of Sabela Ruy-Díaz as global commercial product manager CTV and Héctor Rodríguez as the new head of global supply CTV, to continue to develop new products and bring ShowHeroes’ CTV solutions to more publishers in all markets. Native CTV will be launched in the United Kingdom and Germany on March 9th and the rest of the countries will have this new CTV product in their portfolios during the second quarter of the year.

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