Tatari Streamlines CTV Supply Chain with Acquisition of TheViewPoint

Tatari, the leading data and analytics platform for buying and measuring advertising across both linear and streaming TV, announced that it has acquired TheViewPoint, a Connected TV (CTV) focused SSP and ad-server

The two companies' combined technology will facilitate direct relationships between advertisers and publishers, promoting a more transparent and efficient media exchange. This cleaner supply path carries benefits for both sides: more granular supply-side data yields better measurement for brands, which in turn allows brands to select impressions that drive better outcomes, thus driving more demand for publishers.  

“I realize that what Tatari is doing will be considered heresy by many legacy players, but breaking the mould is what we have always stood for,” wrote Tatari CEO Philip Ingelbrecht in a blog post outlining the thinking behind the deal. “An efficient supply chain is badly needed, and we believe that we can prove this short term through the economic benefits it yields for both buyers and sellers.” 

The deal comes amid an acceleration of products and deals designed to tackle the challenge of Supply Chain Optimisation (SCO) - most notably The Trade Desk’s Openpath, and GroupM’s “Premium Marketplace with Pubmatic and Magnite

“These efforts are laudable, but they are being spearheaded by ad tech players that are mostly trying to apply technology to CTV that was originally created for digital video,“ said Inghelbrecht in his blog post. “The CTV supply chain can and must evolve to become much more efficient than digital video ever was. TheViewPoint was built for CTV from day one; it never had a digital bone or legacy to it.” 

Launched in 2019, and recently nominated as a “Best Early Stage Technology Company” by AdExchanger, TheViewPoint offers publishers SSP and ad-server technology that is purpose-built for the unique dynamics of CTV. Going forward, publishers will be able to leverage these products to establish a direct path to Tatari advertisers. 

“TheViewPoint was built to improve the market position of CTV publishers, helping them to increase their ad monetisation yields and securing the brand safety of their content. This deal marks a proud achievement for our efforts and the start of an exciting new chapter. With both Tatari and TheViewPoint’s technologies combined, we will see an important and greatly needed advancement in the CTV industry overall,” said Tetyana Seredyuk, Ph.D., CEO and founder of TheViewPoint. 

TheViewPoint will continue its work with leading DSPs and agencies, operating under its own brand and identity. Tatari in turn will continue to invest and expand its relationships with the existing and future SSP platforms.

“The future of CTV is more direct, more transparent, and driven by an outcomes-based approach to measurement,” added Daniel Elad, chief strategy officer at TheViewPoint. “Many of the publishers we work with share this point of view, and in joining with Tatari, we are ideally positioned to help them realise it.” 


TheViewPoint’s platform brings technologically agile monetization solutions for CTV/OTT publishers on par with smart optimization capabilities: a machine learning-powered bidding algorithm, ad pod management, transaction routing, flight, and target...
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