Amobee & ID5 Partnership Enabled Boutique Wine Brand Gusbourne to Increase Reach & Conversion

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ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, in partnership with Amobee, a leading advertising platform for optimised cross-screen performance, announce that they enabled boutique wine brand Gusbourne to expand its reach by 76% and achieve a conversion rate of 95% while reducing CPA by 23% for a recent direct-response, cross-device display campaign. 

Nearly 50% of UK traffic is currently unaddressable due to restrictions on third-party cookies in Safari, Firefox, and Edge*, combined with more stringent data privacy regulations. Advertisers and their tech partners are urgently seeking solutions that can enable them to reach their audiences across devices in a privacy-compliant way today.

For this reason, Amobee, partnered with ID5 to leverage the consent-based identification and cross-device capabilities of ID5’s IdentityCloud, enabling clients to effectively reach their target audience with relevant messages across their devices, no matter the browser they use, while ensuring compliance with the GDPR.

As a result of the partnership between ID5 and Amobee, Gusbourne was able to reach its target audience effectively, and increase conversions at a more competitive price. Furthermore, Gusbourne met its target of increasing overall sales which allowed it to activate additional campaigns. 

“Our partnership with ID5 has illustrated the advantages of cookieless targeting and how it can positively impact campaign performance even before third-party cookies fully phase out,” said Isabelle Bagge, director, client services at Amobee EMEA. “Getting ready for a cookieless future requires a full-circle perspective of frequently reviewing and ingesting different solutions, whilst also keeping an agile approach to acting and delivering strategy against them. Amobee, Jaywing, and Gusbourne are very pleased with the performance following the ID5 ID activation and from this, we hope to expand the use of cookieless targeting across other activities." 

“What’s exceptional about this campaign is how a boutique brand like Gusbourne can set an example for other larger brands by being innovative with their advertising strategy and leveraging next-generation identity solutions to increase their reach, sales, and awareness,” said Kara Roos, director of customer success, ID5.  “In a world where everybody in the industry is preparing for the cookieless future, but ignoring the cookieless present, forward-thinking companies like Amobee stand out from the competition by enabling their clients to reach their audiences at competitive prices across all environments. This case study demonstrates the clear benefits of not waiting to leverage cookieless solutions today.” 

*Browser Market Share in the United Kingdom - July 2022, Statcounter.com


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