59A Launches Unified Shopper Media & the 59A Shopper Index

59A, a technology business that creates and deploys custom algorithms to deliver advantage to brands within media planning and buying, is launching Unified Shopper Media - a revolutionary new approach to shopper media.

Unified Shopper Media promises to transform how brands interact with shoppers, providing unprecedented insights and giving brands a competitive edge against rivals using retail media network platform capabilities.

Retail media is projected to be worth USD$8.32bn (£6.5bn) by 2027, comprising 16% of total digital ad revenue, but the challenge remains that walled garden retail networks are level playing fields with limited capabilities.

Unified Shopper Media breaks down the walls (or digs under them if you prefer) to remove retailer bias, allowing brands to identify true priority growth areas with precision. It is powered by the 59A Shopper Index, which covers all shoppers across 81,284 retail outlets in the UK, broken down into over 9,000 postcode sectors, and utilises more than 5,900 thematic data sets to provide a comprehensive and unbiased view of shopper behaviour. 

Recently 59A used the Shopper Index for an FMCG brand who have seen a decline in sales vs own brand products. Logic would be to take POS sales data and club card data for lapsed shoppers and run a campaign targeting buyers in the category…simple, however this doesn’t take into account what’s happening in and around the stores. The 59A Shopper Index looks at socio-economic factors in and around stores. By understanding income, deprivation, mortgage debt, we can understand the disposal income in every postcode sector. So for this FMCG brand we can find stockists and category buyers and areas where they are underperforming but also those areas where the population has the buying power to switch back to branded products. Maximising budget, reach of effective audience, and boosting basket value. 

Key features include an entirely open source, transparent, bespoke, and configurable system; comprehensive retail insight that goes beyond understanding individual retail networks to include the immediate area surrounding each store and reliable performance metrics through the inheritance of the measurable capabilities of traditional Retail Media.

The combined power of this approach delivers:

  1. Enhanced brand growth planning: informed by what happens inside and outside the entire retailer landscape - giving the brand an advantage over the ‘just’ using the RMN capabilities and benefitting the brand more than the network. 
  2. Increased share of basket: Because brand campaigns are better planned and targeted, leveraging deeper and more robust insights (basically everything), instead of just what an individual retail network makes available. 
  3. Proven incrementality: The holy grail of media. The ability to show the value of the approach as you deploy it. 

Adam Ray, 59A Founder and CEO, said: “59A is dedicated to bringing creative thinking to media, technology, and data. While AI and custom algorithms play a role, the focus remains on creative solutions and Unified Shopper Media epitomises this philosophy by offering a unified view of the entire UK retail ecosystem, driving advantages for brands beyond the confines of individual Retail Media Networks.”


59A is a technology business built to deliver unparalleled opportunity within the ever-increasing complexity of media planning and buying. They do this through the creation and deployment of custom algorithms across any media channel accessible throu...
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