Teads Unveils Next Generation Contextual & Identity Graph Built for the Premium Open Internet & CTV

Teads, the global media platform, has released the Teads Omnichannel Graph (OG), a proprietary tool extending contextual and audience-targeting capabilities into the CTV environment. Teads OG is built on the company’s understanding of what consumers read in editorial web environments and what consumers watch on connected TV. Using Teads OG, advertisers can plan, activate, and measure cross-screen video campaigns to drive efficient reach on target, incrementality to linear TV and contextually aligned campaigns. 

Key capabilities of Teads OG include:

  • Global household and user-level graph: 
    • Curated household and user graph enabling precision targeting and optimisation across screens.
    • The graph is based on a precise sample composed of over 50 million CTV devices and over 100 million users in 25 countries. 
  • Incremental reach planning and measurement:
    • Enabling TV buyers to efficiently extend their audience reach across screens.
    • In addition to Teads’ content consumption data, Teads OG utilises Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data to target unexposed audiences.
  • Granular CTV contextual signals:
    • Deep contextual targeting capabilities based on standardised and enriched show-level information.  
    • Advanced contextual taxonomy is symmetrical to the Teads web contextual taxonomy for seamless omnichannel activation.

Teads has a deep history of building unique capabilities to analyse contextual content consumption data on the open internet through direct integrations with premium publishers. Combining this contextual data with device and consumer behaviour signals has served as a high-fidelity proxy for audience targeting through AI-based inference. These capabilities enable advertisers to activate media and reach audiences seamlessly with or without user identification with deep contextual targeting within editorial environments. 

“With Teads OG, we’re extending our knowledge of what people read into what content they watch and making that data actionable at scale across screens to drive better results,” said Jeremy Arditi, co-CEO of Teads.

Teads expanded into omnichannel more than two years ago and has been delivering superior results for brands since launch. Since the beginning of 2024, Teads has delivered over 50 campaigns targeting and measuring incremental reach. In a campaign with Yokohama, Teads delivered brand lift using incremental reach, planning, and measurement. By leveraging cookieless strategies for the online video portion of the campaign and optimising ad performance across multiple screens, the campaign achieved significant results, including a 27% cost savings, a 5.5-point increase in brand familiarity, and a 7-point lift in perception.

"We wanted to create a stronger audience-centric approach for our campaign by expanding our understanding of individual performance impact. By utilising Teads' innovative solutions, we unlocked exceptional outcomes that far exceeded our initial expectations," said Riley Mackey of Yokohama’s Agency, Charts + Darts.


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