Emily Horgan on YouTube’s Influence Over Children’s Purchases and Competition in the Streaming Landscape 

In this MadTech Podcast episode, Aimee Newell Tarín is joined by Mat Broughton and independent media consultant Emily Horgan.

This discussion delves into the streaming landscape, looking at the competition between the major streaming giants. Emily expands on YouTube’s influence over children’s purchases and content monetisation on the platform. 

YouTube dominating streaming (CNBC

YouTube made up 9.7% of all viewership on connected and traditional TVs in the US in May. In comparison, Netflix ranked second, claiming 7.6% of viewership.

YouTube ahead of competition in influencing children's purchases (Business Insider)

YouTube is the top media platform for kids, surpassing video on demand and TikTok. According to research, it’s the top platform influencing children’s purchases, with them being twice as likely to ask for something they saw advertised on YouTube compared to broadcast TV. 

Tubi launches in UK (Variety

Tubi, the free ad-supported streaming acquired by Fox in 2020, is arriving to the UK streaming market. This marks the start of its expansion into Europe. The platform will be launching on all major CTV platforms as well as mobile app and via web browser with a catalogue of over 20,000 films and TV episodes. 

Paramount+ seeking streaming merger (IGN

Paramount is holding discussions with other media and tech companies about the possibility of co-ownership of Paramount+. Warner Bros Discovery has expressed interest in merging its Max streaming service with Paramount+.