Mobclix: Enabling Iphone App Developers To Trade Ads On Open Exchange Platform

The mobile ad market has grown significantly over the past twelve months with the advent of advertising on the iphone app. Iphone app developers are now offering advertisers the opportunity to reach millions of users on a daily basis.

The market has become so big that a new exchange has emerged to give buyers and sellers the opportunity to trade ads on the iphone network.

Mobclix is the industry’s largest mobile ad exchange for the iphone ad market. Its open platform allows buyers to bid on available ad space.

It works with all the major mobile ad networks and now covers the majority of the app market.

Krishna Subramanian, Mobclix co-founder took time last week to speak to Farneymedia about their exchange technology and the trading opportunities for those looking to buy or sell quality mobile ad inventory:

Can you explain how your ad exchange platform works?

Mobclix is a marketplace for both developers and ad networks. Developers install the Mobclix SDK into their applications, giving them access to over 20 ad networks, while the robust analytics and ad targeting engine allows the ad networks to successfully bid for targeted traffic across 1000’s of applications.

What type of ad formats are traded on the Mobclix exchange?

There are two types of formats – 300×50 and 300×250.

Does Mobclix just aggregate ad inventory on iPhone apps? Do have any plans to allow buyers and sellers to trade ad space on other mobile platforms?

Mobclix is currently focused primarily on the iPhone, although there is also private beta testing of the Google Android library. We’re actively expanding to the mobile web as well as other platforms such as Blackberry, Symbian, etc.

Can developers trade directly on Mobclix exchange or do they have to work with an ad network?

Developers are able to access ad networks directly through the exchange however advertisers need to work with an existing ad network to get onto the exchange.

How does your auctioning functionality work? Do you allow sellers to set a floor price? And do you allow buyers to bid on individual impressions?

We are rolling out features that will allow Developers/Publishers to set floor prices; currently developers can set ad network priorities as well as adjust the percentage of inventory allocation to each ad network. We also give developers the ability to run custom house ads as well as plug into ad networks that are not currently on the Mobclix exchange if they already have a preexisting relationship.

How do you ensure liquidity in your ad exchange?

The supply demand factor creates instant liquidity therefore ad networks constantly demand more inventory from our developers.

Is the media buy blind? Do sellers know who they’re trading with?

Some ad networks buy on a blind basis while others target specific apps and target audiences.

Can buyers bring data onto the exchange to better target ad campaigns?

Yes, currently Mobclix provides all data from its rich analytics platform.

How do you ensure “brand safety” for developers on your exchange? Can you help safeguard against inappropriate ads appearing on a developer’s app?

We screen all ads from every ad network through an automated “ad checker”. We work closely with developers to prevent and remove any inappropriate ads.

Does Mobclix charge a fee on the volume of ad inventory traded on its exchange?

No, there is no charge for developers to work with Mobclix whereas each of the ad networks have different service agreements.

How would you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

To put it simply, Mobclix is the only targeted mobile marketplace for both advertisers and developers.

Does Mobclix allow European media sellers and buyers to trade on its exchange?

Yes, we work with a number of networks today that serve the UK and EU markets.

Do you think ad networks, agencies, advertisers and publishers are beginning to see the value of the exchange model?

Definitely yes. Mobile is starting to become a big portion of ad-spend so for the networks, agencies, and advertisers to have instant, actionable access to premium and targeted iPhone inventory, it gives them the reach and engagement needed for a successful campaign.

Do you think established ad exchanges, like RightMedia and Google Adx, will eventually allow mobile ad inventory to be traded on their platforms?

Mobile is expected to be larger than search in the future according to industry analysts, as the market develops there will be increased activity in the space that will likely include established players.

Are Mobclix looking to roll out any new features in the coming months?

We are constantly advancing our capabilities for developers and advertisers and will keep you posted as we announce any new features.