Pubstack Expands its Product Offering & Launches an Ad Management Platform for Web Publishers

Pubstack’s goal has always been to provide digital media companies with a data-driven approach to building, maintaining, optimising, and monitoring ad stacks. In order to continue to empower them in such a fast-paced and changing environment, Pubstack has designed the only ad management platform on the market. Its powerful technology helps monetisation teams to confidently build highly-efficient ad setups and to boost their ad revenue thanks to data-based decisions.

The platform is currently in closed beta, and a selected number of customers have access to it on an invite-only basis. The product will be available to all companies by the end of the year. 

Pubstack’s existing products will be seamlessly integrated into the new platform and will continue to be optimised on a regular basis. Support for these products will also continue to be provided. 


Building efficient ad stacks with no tech skills, yet with more confidence 

In an increasingly complex ad tech environment, building, and maintaining ad stacks requires advanced technical skills such as engineering, ad ops, data analysis, and yield management. 

Building high-performing teams with such skills is not an easy task, due in part to the scarcity of these profiles – even for publishers who have the resources to attract such talents. This often results in bottlenecks, misconfiguration issues, and bugs, which inevitably translates into underperforming ad setups and considerable revenue loss. 

To reduce the dependency of ad ops teams on engineering teams, Pubstack’s platform offers a set of tools to build and configure highly-efficient ad setups with no tech skills. 

The no-code ad stack builder makes ad ops as agile and as fast as ever, reducing errors as well as engineering and operational costs – and as a result increasing ad revenue. 


Empowering online media with the right tools to optimise their ad revenue 

Given the infinite number of parameters that have an impact on ad revenue (timeouts, viewability, loading times, browser compatibilities, number of client-side calls, third-party integrations, etc.), it has become increasingly difficult for online media companies to build efficient ad behaviour that delivers high revenue. 

Here again, getting developers and ad ops teams on the same page can be complicated, and ad ops’ dependency on engineering represents one of the main obstacles to optimising the quality and the value of an ad inventory. 

Pubstack’s goal here is to make advanced monetisation techniques and limitless customisations accessible to each and every ad ops. Users can configure and optimise floor prices, lazy-loading, ad refresh, dynamic ad placements – and more – directly in the platform. 


Providing monetisation teams with a better understanding of their ad performance data

Another direct effect of ad stacks being more complex is the myriad of data sources publishers have to deal with – be it CMPs, ID solutions, programmatic video, header bidding, traffic, ad quality or server-side metrics. 

Data collection, correlation, and understanding have therefore become more complex than ever. And yet, it is paramount for online media companies to perfectly understand and leverage these metrics. 

This is the reason why Pubstack has put data at the heart of publishers’ decision-making process. The platform allows for cross-dimension visualisation and correlation, deeper data exploration, faster issue detection, a better understanding of the user journey, and advanced A/B testing to easily uncover answers and make better decisions. 


Pubstack empowers publishers’ monetization teams with real-time ad revenue analytics and actionable insights to help them make better decisions and maximize their outcomes....
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