• The Future of Cross Device

    The cross-device landscape is one that’s rife with widespread misunderstandings. Anyone who gazes into their crystal ball and claims to have all the answers is likely wrong, writes Keith Petri (pictured below), chief strategy officer, Screen6, exclusively for ExchangeWire. Those [...]

  • APAC Marketers Should Use Same Metrics to Compare Retargeting Results

    To establish reliable results from multiple retargeting campaigns, marketers in Asia-Pacific should compare platforms using the same metrics, attribution models, and data sources. Running multiple retargeting tools will encourage a 'tug-of-war' between competing vendors and drive more effective marketing activities [...]

  • India Needs Standardised Metrics for Digital

    Traditional media may still dominate in India, but this will evolve and ad tech companies have to start creating products and metrics that work across multiple screens. Advertisers in India were projected to spend most of their budget on traditional media, [...]

  • 2018: The Year of Intelligent Marketing

    To remain competitive in a crowded marketplace, and ensure sustainable growth, many businesses are focusing on becoming more customer-centric and less product-centric. The old adage of the customer being king has never been more true. At the core of this [...]

  • APAC Consumers See More Ads Across Platforms; Bangladesh & Myanmar Amongst Fastest-Growing Ad Markets

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: APAC consumers see more ads across platforms; Bangladesh and Myanmar amongst fastest-growing ad markets; Eyeota snags £9.02m [...]

  • Unmasking the True Value of Cross-Device Data

    By 2020, Yahoo UK and Enders Analysis predict that cross-device strategies will make up 58% of total UK online spend. However, this stat should not come as a surprise to marketers. With the average British household owning more than seven [...]

  • Data to Take APAC Centrestage in 2018

    From security, to compliance, to intelligence, data appears to be the main focus for Asia's ad tech community in the new year, with market players also urging for more education. The need for marketers in this region to arm themselves [...]

  • APAC Marketers Must Differentiate in Programmatic Landscape

    In a market democratised by programmatic, brands in Asia-Pacific must be able to stand above the crowd and not have a myopic view of the digital landscape. Programmatic had levelled the playing field and created a space in which even [...]

  • Better Mobile Metrics Can Help APAC Brands Get Over Numbers Obsession

    There is urgent need to define viewability and create standardised metrics for mobile ads in Asia-Pacific, where marketers remain hooked on the numbers game, focusing their attention on clicks rather than other more effective metrics. This obsession over clicks has resulted [...]

  • For Targeted Advertising, Mobile Device ID Crumbles the Cookie

    Location data is now able to give marketers a wealth of information to better target consumers; and the use of mobile device IDs has helped gather extremely detailed data. This data gives advertisers information to create a better advertising experience [...]