• ATS Singapore 2016 Panel Debate: What the Tech and Media Landscape Will Look Like

    In this episode of TraderTalk, ExchangeWire look back on a panel debate that occurred at ATS Singapore 2016, discussing the convergence of the ad tech and martech and the changing face of the media landscape.

    Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire moderates a discussion between Kevin Walsh, MD APAC, Carat; Zachary King, senior director, MediaMath; Ryan Pestano, GM Asia, IPONWEB; and Damien Cummings, global head of digital marketing, Standard Chartered Bank.

    Key discussion points include:

    – Ad tech versus martech identities – Bridging the gap between [...]

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  • Kemp Little Consulting's James Leaton Gray on the EU GDPR

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into force in 2018, is taking up a lot of column inches at the moment, as businesses try to understand how it will impact them. The UK’s recent decision to leave the EU will have no bearing on the compliance of UK businesses with the EU GDPR. But, before all of that, why is the GDPR important, and how can businesses prepare themselves? ExchangeWire invite James Leaton Gray, associate, Kemp Little [...]

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  • OpenX VP Platform Demand Ian Davidson on Real-Time Guaranteed

    There is a lot of talk about programmatic guaranteed, or automated guaranteed, as being the next evolution of the private marketplace (PMP). OpenX launched Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) in January, allowing publishers a flexible guarantee.

    Here, Ian Davidson, VP Platform Demand, OpenX, outlines the concept of Real-Time Guaranteed, how it compares to the more traditional PMPs, and the benefits from the perspective of the publisher SSP and the buy-side DSP.

    Key areas covered in this episode include: –  Forecasting with RTG –  Advantages of RTG [...]

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  • The Growth & Future of Programmatic

    In this TraderTalk TV vox pop filmed in Cannes, Vincent Potier, COO, Captify, explains his thoughts about the growth and future of programmatic.

    Potier explains how the growth of programmatic has been driven by the largest advertisers in the US and the UK, who have started the trend of shifting money to programmatic due to the advances in technology, which have made, brand safety controls, performance measurement, viewability measurement possible. In tandem, we have seen innovative ad formats, such as expandables and [...]

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  • Telecoms Expert Dean Bubley Explains the Flaws of Network-Level Ad Blocking

    Next week (13 June) Three UK will be launching a 24 hour trial of Shine’s ad blocking technology with a selection of customers. With network-level ad blocking commanding many column inches and concerns across the ad tech industry, ExchangeWire wanted to find out ahead of the launch, if the hype of Three UK’s announcement has been blown out of proportion. ExchangeWire invited Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis; an industry analyst with over 20 [...]

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  • The Disparity Between Desktop & Mobile DMPs

    In this edition of TraderTalk TV, Gavin Sitrrat, StrikeAd, COO, explains how the emergence of data management platform (DMPs) is adds to the complexity of using cookies to address audiences on mobile devices.

    Over the last 12-24 months DMPs have become a very important piece of technology. Although, there is a misconception that DMPs are a catch-all solution for the capture and management of data to execute ad campaigns across all channels, but the reality is a lot different.

    In [...]

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  • ‪TraderTalkTV: Managing Walled Gardens In Programmatic‬

    Wayne Blodwell, iProspect, head of programmatic, talks to Ciaran O’Kane, ExchangeWire, CEO, on the rise of walled gardens, and the potential threat they pose to the agency landscape.

    The digital advertising landscape has seen the rise of ‘walled gardens’ rich with first-party data, but still fundamentally closed advertising eco-systems.

    This trend is far from abating, with Facebook widely expected to launch a DSP, loaded with social data this quarter, adding to a host of data-driven bidders from retailers such as Amazon [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Explains Programmatic TV Buying Execution

    ‘Programmatic TV’ is soon to become one of the buzz phrases of the ad tech industry, just as ‘cross-screen’, and ‘transparency’ are the de rigeur programmatic terms at present. But still, few people are actually aware of the intricacies of its execution, and potential. 

    In this episode of #TraderTalkTV Phil Duffield, SVP, international,, dispels some popular misnomers over both the term, and the possibilities the technology offers.

    Press play to see how he explains that programmatic TV buying is NOT A [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV : Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU, ValueClick on the Benefits of MultivariateTargeting

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU at ValueClick breaks down multivariate targeting, particularly around behavioural targeting. At the basic level, behavioural segments can be picked by hand for a campaign, the next step above that is to run the same campaign, but with a conversion rate tracked for each segment, however with this method behaviours will can be overlooked that the marketer hadn’t foreseen. Many large performance advertisers online opt for indexing, which is taking [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV : Fabien Magalon, MD, La Place Media Breaks Down the Benefits of Publisher Partnership

    This week’s #TraderTalkTV takes us back to Paris with ATS Paris speaker Fabien Magalon, Managing Director at La Place Media, where he breaks down the concept behind La Place Media, an alliance between five media sales houses/publishers. Now celebrating its one-year anniversary, La Place Media encompasses 150 sites, 30 million users and 4.5 billion impressions. Fabien juxtaposes direct sales versus what La Place Media offers, which focuses more on selling audience. Built around driving value to publishers, from [...]

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