Infographic: Getting Started for a World Without Third-Party Cookies

The removal of third-party cookies is set for early 2022. District M has launched an infographic that explores how to get ready for a world without cookies. This change, announced by Google, is scheduled for early 2022 and will impact the entire programmatic advertising ecosystem: the users, advertisers and publishers.

The browser cookie has been around since 1994. Until recently, questions and concerns about online privacy were not a top priority. However, today, laws or regulations dealing with privacy are a common occurrence across the world.

Who will be most affected by the removal of third-party cookies?

There is no doubt that all players should feel the repercussions, but in completely different ways. We know that a healthy internet ecosystem revolves around 3 dimensions: users, advertisers and publishers.

Throughout our research, we have identified 3 causes for concern:

● How will audience targeting work in a post-cookie world, and will it be as effective?

● What is the impact, if any, on walled gardens such as Facebook and Google?

● How do we maintain the democracy of the open web?

Let’s talk about the solutions

These questions have been a growing cause of concern throughout the industry, no matter where you stand in the ecosystem. Many solutions are on the horizon to counter the impacts of the post-cookie world. In fact, first-party cookies, Universal ID and Privacy by Design solutions are currently racing to find third party cookie alternatives. Find out more by viewing the infographic.

At district m, we are building a suite of tools to tackle addressability in a cookie-less world. We are assisting and partnering with advertisers and publishers across the industry to prepare for the big changes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.

Click here to view “Infographic: Getting ready for a world without third-party cookies”.


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