Allroll Launches a Self-Serve Offering for Roku Channel Owners

Allroll, an innovative ad tech company that helps Roku content creators grow their channels, announces a self-serve offering available on its marketing platform. With the self-serve option, increasing the Roku channels’ exposure will become even more cost-effective, fast, and hassle-free. The new offering is meant to make everything easier and provide Roku channel owners with full control over their campaigns and ad spend.

Just recently, Allroll has launched a marketing platform created to help Roku publishers reach their desired audiences and drive their channel’s growth. Along with advanced targeting options, engaging ad formats, the platform focuses on smart ad budget allocation in the best interests of Roku channel owners. The rolling-out of the self-serve offering should add more transparency and management opportunities to that.

Allroll’s full self-service platform delivers Roku content producers with the following features:

  • Access to instant real-time reporting
  • Marketing dashboards¬†
  • Full transparency on ad budget
  • Self-serve optimisation including optimising selling models, campaigns, and creatives
  • Reports on apps and campaigns
  • Personal support
  • Opportunity to add additional functionality on-demand

“We’re experiencing the explosion of self-serve advertising. And while brands and agencies have a wider choice of self-serve ad platforms, publishers, especially tapping into the CTV environment, have limited exposure to ways of buying advertising to promote themselves,” says Alex Zakrevsky, CEO of Allroll. “Representing a unique marketing platform that helps channel owners on Roku get more results with fewer investments, we just couldn’t overlook the need to bring in self-service here. As the Roku audience is growing and more content distributors will be looking for ways to improve their viewership, we’re facing the challenge to make growing Roku channel easier with Allroll self-serve.”¬†


Allroll allows channel owners to reach the audience through multiple relevant channels on Roku and place ads in front of millions of viewers, target them through demographic, interests, location, multiple devices, and other parameters. We help advert…
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