Wargaming Partnered with Epom for Ad Delivery Scale-Up

Wargaming, an international game developer and publisher of an iconic World of Tanks, has partnered with Epom ad server to empower their advertising initiatives. The productive cooperation between Epom and Wargaming started in 2020 and continues to unfold in 2021. 

Epom ad server is the oldest product of Epom company, which was launched in 2010 and has been honed to the industry standard since that time. The ongoing number of clients who use the server reaches over a hundred, while the average lifetime of the average client using the server exceeds 4.5 years. 

A few months ago, Wargaming and Epom signed an agreement for continuous cooperation, where Epom undertakes to be a provider of ad serving software to the gaming company, which has an aim to step up their game not only in the industry but also in their advertising strategy. According to the company’s representatives, Epom’s software helped the brand to re-arrange ad delivery and organise partner management in the best possible way. 

Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom, commented: “Epom ad server offers the exact set of features needed to help large gaming companies like Wargaming strive and prosper. Extensive customisation, a wide variety of rich media formats and templates for them, and continuous support that actually never ends after signing a contract are three pillars why large mobile and desktop gaming publishers choose our solution”. 

Key features Epom offers for the gaming brands: 

  • Custom targeting functionality. It makes possible targeting by any parameters instead of 50+ pre-set attributes. Targeting occurs based on the data coming from publishers and specific values assigned to each attribute. 
  • Variety of ad formats. 40+ standard ad formats plus non-standard format support helps gaming brands to make a difference and catch the eye of innovative creatives. 
  • Feature customisation. Epom is open for custom feature development on request, so it’s possible to build additional functionality on top of the existing base. 
  • Aggregated reports and analytics. The platform features comprehensive reports that show the integral picture of ad delivery analytics. 
  • White-labelling. Large gaming companies may benefit from purchasing a platform and re-branding it as their own network. 

Aside from the recent partnership Wargaming, Epom ad server became a choice of Classtag, IronSource, and YuppTV. A more complete list of the company’s partners is available here.


Epom is a family of ad tech products designed for meaningful advertising. Flagship platforms of the company are Epom ad server and Epom DSP, both available for purchase as white-label software. The strongest suit of Epom products is unlimited customi…
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