The MadTech Podcast Special: 2022 Trending - The TikTok Trends that Drove Mainstream Culture

On our nineteenth edition of The MadTech Podcast Special, TikTok's UK brand strategy lead, Tamsin Vincent, and TikTok Creative Lab EU's head of strategy, Pip Dunjay, join ExchangeWire COO Lindsay Rowntree to discuss the importance of TikTok’s culture and community, how and why trends become trends on TikTok, and take us through some of the top trends for 2022.

In this special episode, Vincent and Dunjay define what culture means to TikTok, unpack some of the platform's key trends in 2022 — Remixing, BookTok, Clear Your Mind (specifically ASMR), and Go to Search — and explain, with examples, how brands have successfully leveraged these trends on the platform.