The Stack: WARC Predicts 9.2% Growth for UK Ad Market; Spotify Users and Revenue Soar

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This week: the newest report from WARC forecasts 9.2% growth for the UK's advertising market, Spotify reports burgeoning users and revenue...

Results and readjustments weaved throughout adland this week. The latest WARC report predicted the UK ad market would reach £35bn by the end of 2022, a 1.7% drop from July’s report. By contrast, streaming giant Spotify posted a better-than-expected rise in users and revenue, though chief executive Daniel Ek warned that users can expect prices to rise in 2023.

Characteristically throwing its toys out of the pram, Meta threatened to block the sharing of Canadian news sites on Facebook in response to the country’s proposed Online News Act, which would force the tech giant to pay news outlets for their content. Meanwhile, a landmark ruling in Singapore established that NFTs qualify as property after citizen Janesh Rajkumar used his Bored Ape NFT as collateral for cryptocurrency loans.


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