Why Brands Should Embrace In-App Advertising with PubMatic, Publicis Media Precision & Grabfood

The MadTech Podcast

**This podcast episode was recorded in front of a live audience, and due to audio technical difficulties outside our control, the audio quality is not up to our usual standard, for which we apologise**

This week’s edition of The MadTech Podcast was recorded in front of a live audience in Singapore, with special guests Mike Chowla, Senior Director of Product Management, PubMatic; Janet Leung, Director of Product, Publicis Media Precision APAC; and Stefen Kyaw, Digital Marketing Lead, GrabFood, discussing in-app advertising and movements by Google.

In this week’s episode:

– Will Google will restrict third party tracking capabilities in Chrome, and could be a move to protect their search business over their advertising business?
– Google’s implementation of unified 1st price auctions and regional differences in PMP & closed environment popularity.
– Value of in-app advertising for brands, how innovative technology solutions can address brand concerns and opportunities within diverse gaming audiences.

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