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  • What Marketers Should Know About Programmatic Ad Buying in 2017

    2016 saw some powerful new trends begin to emerge for programmatic marketers, presenting both new opportunities and obstacles. While data continues to be the cornerstone of transacting programmatically, most buyers are still too reliant on commoditised third-party data and need to do a better job utilising it. Programmatic creative became a popular topic this year; but, in reality, it was not being utilised at scale even though the enabling technology was (and is) available. Ad tech has created an abundance [...]

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  • Programmatic, a Buying Mechanism, Not a Media Channel: Duane Thompson, Head of Programmatic, Total Media

    The growing importance of programmatic as an effective route to delivering audience-led strategies across all media leads to a need for the right infrastructure. Following his recent appointment as head of programmatic at Total Media, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Duane Thompson (pictured below) on his second day in his new role, about what programmatic means in a media agency environment.

    Thompson’s background is programmatic, data and technology, where he most recently spent three years on the supply-side at IDG UK, so [...]

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  • How Programmatic Can Empower the Squeezed Middle

    The squeezed middle: mid-sized agencies looking to retain a position of strength in a challenging environment. How are they standing up against the increasing competition from larger agencies in an increasingly fragmented marketplace? ExchangeWire speak with Chris Le May (pictured below), managing director, EMEA and emerging markets, DataXu, who explains how mid-sized agencies are reinventing themselves with programmatic at their core.

    In last month’s budget, the country’s ‘squeezed middle’ were treated to a £500 tax cut and were reversed out of [...]

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  • Politely Interruptive Ad Formats: Time-Based Advertising Explained

    Campaign measurement using time-based metrics is becoming increasingly popular; but is it still largely misunderstood? ExchangeWire speak with Perry Papadopoulos (pictured below), VP of engineering and product, Parsec, who explains why time-based advertising is so effective, and how to make a success of it.

    You’d be hard-pressed in 2016 to find a more popular digital advertising metric than time, and for good reason. The amount of time that someone spends with an advertisement is likely the strongest indication of impact, relevance, [...]

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  • To Be Agile in Advertising, Publishers Must Offer Programmatic: Q&A with Steph Miller, Zoopla

    Programmatic is much more than a tool to sell remnant inventory — with a firmer grasp of the technology, publishers can enhance scale and revenue, consistently meet demand, and maintain agility in a dynamic digital marketplace. 

    Publishers are aware of the opportunity programmatic presents to expand reach and relevance; yet a lack of understanding is preventing them from doing so. A recent OpenX study found limited knowledge of the technology is the second biggest inhibitor to implementation. What’s more, 20% [...]

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  • Automation: The Omnichannel Tipping Point

    Moving away from offline and online media silos into a fully automated, fully integrated media world – is this possible? Oli Whitten (pictured below), head of international, Rubicon Project, certainly thinks it is. Here, Whitten talks to ExchangeWire about how we are much closer to a converged media landscape than we may think.

    There is much talk of how programmatic has made online advertising more efficient and a great success for advertisers and publishers, which of course it has. But with the benefits of [...]

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  • Better Collaboration Holds the Key to Transparency

    Programmatic has the potential to create the perfect market. If all supply and all demand could be brought together in one place, the true value of inventory could be established, and the optimum price could be achieved for each impression without the need for set-floor prices, or other constraints. But, in today’s opaque and fragmented ecosystem, the market is far from perfect. To realise the full potential of programmatic, providers on both the buy and sell sides must work better together [...]

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  • What Changes When Programmatic Goes Mainstream?

    In our latest piece from the IAB’s Display Trading Council, council members provide their views on programmatic as a dominant trading mechanism.

    The last few days have been like research Christmas at the IAB with our flagship Ad spend report showing continued double-digit growth in digital and, for the first time, PwC have undertaken the annual MOST research – tracking the scale of programmatic use in the UK – alongside ad spend. The key stat is that, in 2015, 60% [...]

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  • Transparency Driving Shift in Agency Models: Q&A with Alan Osetek, Global CEO, Digilant

    The agency trading model is constantly evolving; and that’s never more apparent than to those on the outside, who are tasked with developing sustainable partnerships with the agencies as they continue on their journey. Alan Osetek (pictured below), the newly appointed global CEO of Digilant, with a wealth of experience on both sides of the fence, speaks with ExchangeWire about the future of the agency trading model.

    ExchangeWire: Digilant has a long history of working closely with agencies. How does it [...]

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  • Programmatic TV Across the Atlantic: What Can the UK Learn From the US?

    Programmatic TV is arguably a complete reinvention of the TV ecosystem and, in the US at least, is a market of scale. In the UK, it’s a slightly different picture; but with companies like Sky investing heavily in their addressable offering and a continual demand from advertisers to better understand their TV audiences, programmatic TV is surging. Dwight Ringdahl (pictured below), senior vice president, technology, RhythmOne, spoke to ExchangeWire about the advances in the US programmatic TV market and what the UK can learn [...]

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