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  • ExchangeWire Research Weekly Roundup

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire, head of research and analysis (pictured). In this week’s edition: last year saw UK advertising grow 5.8% to £18.6bn – the highest rate of growth since 2010; only 6% of marketers have a single customer view and Mobile grabs nearly 40% of sellers’ programmatic inventory, but only 30% of buyers’ spend.

    Drive to digital sends UK advertising to its highest [...]

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  • French Publishers & the Programmatic Challenge

    The early emergence of publisher co-ops in France underlines the appetite for programmatic display advertising in the market; although issues around audience fragmentation and the treatment of consumers’ personal data cloud the way ahead. All these issues and more will be debated today at ATS Paris as ExchangeWire probes delegates and presenters on their opinions.

    According to a report from France’s Syndicat des Régies Internet [...]

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  • ExchangeWire Research Weekly Roundup

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire, head of research and analysis (pictured). In this week’s edition: research from Experian shows that Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) believe they can increase profitability by as much as 15% by better managing data; IAB report mobile “star performers” and Carnegie Mellon University reveal that smartphone users’ location data can be collected more than 5,000 a month by installed apps.

    A [...]

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  • ‘Cookie Deletion, Data Control & Growing ROI Online’, by Erich Wasserman, Co-founder, GM EMEA & APAC, MediaMath

    Data management is core to digital strategy today. Sophisticated marketers know that proper usage of their data is key to customer retention and upsell, and also provides the foundation required to gain new customers and grow business.

    As a result of significant advances in technology of late, activating marketer data across every digital channel just got a great deal easier.

    The reason data is so powerful is the scalability and effectiveness of its application to media: where once marketers could target [...]

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  • ‘Predictions for Marketing 2014: Get Programmatic or be Left Behind’, by Pierre Naggar, MD Europe, Turn

    It’s nearly the end of the year, and that means prediction time. Here in the first of many future-looking posts in the coming weeks, Pierre Naggar, MD Europe, Turn, takes a look at what might be ahead of us in digital marketing for 2014.

    Data-driven Marketing is the Now – and the Future

    In 2014, the marketing industry will accelerate its shift to the new data-driven and programmatic world order. Last year, the IDC predicted that in the UK RTB-based [...]

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  • Caspar Schlickum, MD EMEA, Xaxis Discusses The Merger Of 24/7 Media And Xaxis

    With the merger of Xaxis and 24/7 Media, Caspar Schlickum, MD EMEA, Xaxis discusses the implications of the merger on the two WPP entities and the market in general.

    Why merge Xaxis and 24/7 Media now? What value does it add to both companies?

    The timing for this merger is perfect. Xaxis has continued to grow phenomenally to be a USD $400m business globally, working for over 1,500 brands. We are incredibly proud of the value we have brought [...]

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  • Adform RTB Trend Report Europe Q3 2013

    The European programmatic market continued to show signs of growth, health and market stabilisation in the third quarter of 2013. RTB ad spend increased by 31%, and CPMs saw a modest 3% gain. While third-quarter growth was less dramatic than the first half of 2013, it’s important to remember that many Europeans were on summer holiday, and online advertising traditionally declines in July. By September 2013, programmatic buying continued its upward climb, and we believe the true [...]

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  • Video: IPONWEB's Boris Mouzykantskii on 'Unpacking the Black Box' — ATS London 2013

    In yet another insightful presentation from IPONWEB’s Boris Mouzykantskii, he pulls back the veil on ad tech, beginning with the evolution of the market, then moving on to a ‘how-to’ on customising technology for advertisers, addressing re-targeting and re-attribution challenges — with a huge one being correlation does not equal causation. In order to remove bias from studies on conversion rates, it takes a data scientist to unpick these differences and it can be a complicated problem to explain to advertisers. [...]

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  • ‘The Data Ownership Problem: Why Brands Need to Understand Who is Really Benefiting From Their data’, by Mark Connolly, Managing Director EU & APAC, AudienceScience

    There is so much emphasis on customer data at the moment. In the search for a competitive edge, marketers are focused on gaining the most valuable insight and building smarter and stronger personal relationships with their customers.

    It should be no surprise then that data has not only become top of mind for marketers, but also incredibly valuable. Offline data is already a multi-billion pound industry and marketers are now well accustomed to paying substantial sums for access [...]

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  • Simon Halstead, Director Microsoft Advertising Exchange, EMEA, Discussing the Evolution of the Microsoft Advertising Exchange with

    Microsoft announced this week programmatic advertising is coming back to Here Simon discusses how this benefits advertisers, with the ability to leverage standard-size creatives and reach their millions of users across Europe, what’s happening with Programmatic Direct and further global expansion.

    Microsoft was one of the first premium publishers in Europe to move to RTB. Has it been successful and are you still committed to Microsoft being “all in” on programmatic?

    Absolutely! We first launched the Microsoft [...]

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